The Creation of Scrappy Yoga and the Scrappy Yogi

I am the Scrappy Yogi, but I have had many other “Scrappy” forms before. Let me explain. A long, long time ago ( about 20 years ) with the creation of the Internet came the invention of the screen name or SN. You wanted your SN to be personal, clever and different from the other people on the Internet. When I was my creating my SN, I was into scrapbooking. So, I took “scrappy” and my initials “H.A.”, and I  combined the two parts to make ScrappyHA. It was personal, clever, and different just like I wanted. I used my name for everything: Neopets, AIM, and e-mail. It was my SN and it stuck.

In the years after the creation of my SN, I wasn’t prepared for the amount of questions a simple screen name would create. For example, the number one comment I always received was that I must be a “Scrappy-Doo” fan. Sure, I was obsessed with Scooby-Doo as a kid, but my name had nothing to do with that. Another common misconception of “ScrappyHA” was its pronunciation. Regular Internet folk pronounced it “ScrappyHA”, when in actuality it was supposed to be “ScrappyH.A.”. I didn’t add the periods in my SN (not even sure you could back then). I found myself angry when other people didn’t understand the relevance of my name, but then again who would? I was always careful not giving out my birth name, so who would even know what “HA” stood for.

Fast forward to through the invention of Google, professional emails and SNs, and ScrappyHA was still owned by me, but never used. It’s not exactly the most professional name for a potential employer, but I still thought of my SN from time to time. And yes, I had changed to. I am now a working professional and a practicing yogi, who still is trying to figure out that balanced life thing. But ScrappyHA was and is still part of my identity.

When I was figuring out what I wanted to call this blog, I was playfully brainstorming ideas with my fiance. We will call him “S”. We were going back and forth with random names, until S. said, ” What about Scrappy Yoga?”. I paused for a second. I had never thought to mold my ScrappyHA identity into something else entirely. I rushed onto Google and typed in “scrapppy” into the engine. This is what come up: adjective – determined, argumentative, pugnacious. I thought to myself, I’n not argumentative or pugnacious, but I am definitely determined. I have been practicing yoga for ten years and been trying to balance life, well, for most of my life. So that was that, this blog became Scrappy Yoga.I will share with you stories of my unwavering spirit, and well, some yoga pictures. My new SN is now: Scrappy Yogi.


Scrappy Yogi




2 thoughts on “The Creation of Scrappy Yoga and the Scrappy Yogi”

  1. You just took me back down memory lane! I sometimes miss the old days of aim and the anonymity that a clever screen name could afford. I had so many of them!
    Looking forward to more posts and yoga tips! 🙂

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