The Quest for the Best Yoga Clothes

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I have been a work out clothes hoarder for years now. I always felt that to get into a sport or an activity, I needed to look the part. I’m sure I have spent thousands of dollars in that last ten years on running, biking, and yoga clothes. Most of the time, I would buy clothes that weren’t perfect, and I would hate them in a couple of months. This is how I got so much clothing. I have always been searching for the best yoga clothes.

In the last couple of years, I made the conscience decision to cut back and practice yoga in the clothes that I have, not run out to get new apparel all the time. Well, the time came that my yoga clothes started to fall apart, and then I remembered Fabletics.

We have all seen the commercials, and Kate Hudson looks fabulous in all the clothes. I thought is might be just a joke that the clothes were of high quality at affordable prices. So, I thought I would give it a try.

The first thing that happened when I signed up is I received an offer for an outfit for only $25. I was in heaven! I was so excited. I chose the Oceanside Pullover and the Salar Capri Pant. Then, I decided to sign up to be a VIP. Here is the catch, a VIP member receives selections each month to purchase. The VIP member needs to skip the month to not get a charge. As long as you are on top of your account, this shouldn’t be a problem. This time I ordered a whole yoga outfit called the Girabaldi. It consisted of the Aviana Top, Salar Legging and Maya Sports Bra.

Everyday I watched the package tracker online. I was so excited to finally try this brand. The day finally arrived to get my clothes, and guess what? They were amazing! Everything I always wanted in clothes. They are figure flattering, soft and was great in yoga class. I’m very impressed, and cannot stop telling all my yogi friends about them.

What other brands of yoga clothing do you love Readers? I would love to know!


Scrappy Yogi

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