Practicing Yoga with your Significant Other

My fiance and I are getting ready for our wedding. Now starts the ceremonial “shredding for the wedding” diets and workouts. My fiance S. had mentioned that he might want to try some yoga. Since I am always willing to have him join in any class, I was excited to show him what yoga was all about.

I brought him to a Saturday class at Just Breathe Yoga at Rivermark. It’s a 75 minute class, and I knew it would be a great introduction. I gave him one of my old mats and a towel, and we positioned ourselves in the back of the class. What I have learned over the years from people is that everyone is different when approached with a community class. I have always been a person not afraid to try classes alone and I usually position myself near the front. S. wanted to be in the back so I joined him.  We sat there giggling for a little while, just enjoying the quiet until class started.

The class started to get into our first Vinyasa sequence, and I knew this class was going to be hard. S. was holding up like an experienced yogi, modifying when he needed and drinking water. We got through the class, sweating together. Even some laughter.

When we walked out of the class, we were both on endorphin rushes. We had enjoyed our time together, and it was a lot of fun to practice with a significant other. As the yoga instructor said,” It’s fun to practice with someone you love”. As I sat in reflection of the class, I was happy that we enjoyed the experience together so much. Being an only child, I always tried classes or anything new by myself. I finally have someone to share my experiences with.

Readers, what are your experiences with community classes?


Scrappy Yogi





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