You Will Fall in Yoga

So, Readers, let’s all be honest. We have all watched those yoga videos from yogis trying to stand on their heads and fall over usually scaring the cat half to death . We might have even laughed at it. I will admit it, I have laughed before. Then I went to my usual yoga class and it changed my view.

My yoga instructors usually say it’s fine to fall since it’s just yoga. And I believe this as well, but I never really understood the meaning of “falling in yoga”. One of my favorite instructors explained it in class. She stated,” If you don’t fall, you won’t learn. When you were little and you were learning how to walk, you fell. And you got back up, and fell again. It’s a process.”

That really clicked with me, and I thought about it. I asked myself what sport or activity did I ever master without falling? I can ride a bike, roller blade, ice skate, ski, skateboard and they all have one thing in common: I fell (a lot). I wasn’t afraid to fall as a kid, so why would I care now? I have been practicing for years, but I have lost the child-like quality of falling. Certain poses that I would love to master, I  have been stopping myself.

So, I have decided to let myself fall. I’m strong enough to catch myself, so what’s the worst that can happen? Click on this video to view me trying to achieve Pincha Mayurasana

Readers, I would love to hear your thoughts!


Scrappy Yogi



5 thoughts on “You Will Fall in Yoga”

  1. The thought of falling gets scarier the older I get. Maybe things hurt more, or take longer to heal when I’m injured. I definitely need to let go of it and just go for it! I’m almost 30 and still trying to learn to ride a bike, and my fear of riding in traffic prevents me from really learning to be confident and able to ride in any capacity that is enjoyable. It’s my goal this summer to get over that!


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