Product Review Thursday: Manduka and JadeYoga Mats

All opinions are my own. I was not paid to endorse products.

Readers, if you are anything like me, you have bought exercise equipment before. I personally have bought a lot of equipment and products. Whether that be mats, weights, running belts, or anything else you need, there are a million products out there. Today, I will be reviewing Manduka Yoga Mats and Towels and JadeYoga Mats from my experience with the products.

When I first started practicing, I literally bought a yoga mat from Target to just get me started. I always think it is best practice to not spend a lot of money on anything new. When I gradually advanced, and knew yoga was a priority to me, I graduated to the Manduka mat. My Manduka mat was a pretty slick on the surface, and did have a squishy feel to it. Since the surface was slippery, I also needed to purchase a Yogitoe Towel (also by Manduka.) The picture below shows my yoga set up for about three years. Orange Manduka mat, blue Yogitoe towel. (Also featured in the pic is a Lokai bracelet, I love mine!).


This yoga set up, in my opinion, is not a cheap one. The mat is around 80 dollars, the Yogitoe towel is about $68, and that’s not including the other towels I purchased to not have to do laundry all the time. Yogis, remember to clean your mats and towels! On a positive note, the products last forever. By covering the Manduka mat, I did not wear out the surface and it is still squishy to this day. Its a great mat for joints as well. The Yogitoe towel is great for travel yoga since traveling with a mat can be cumbersome.

I have since graduated to a JadeYoga mat, and I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s a thinner mat with no slippery surface. The mat itself is sticky enough to keep hands and feet aligned. There is no need for extra towels, unless you need them. It’s also a very light-weight mat, made from all environmentally friendly materials. The picture below shows my current yoga set up.


Readers, I would love to know what products work for you! You can also find me on Twitter @ScrappyYoga!

8 thoughts on “Product Review Thursday: Manduka and JadeYoga Mats”

  1. My favorite mat ever is a Prana mat I bought at REI – it’s just the right amount of cushion with a stickier surface than the target mats, so I don’t feel like I’m slipping around. As for towels, I’m still on the hunt for one that my hands don’t slip on when doing hot yoga. I have a Lululemon one they told me i need to spray before class starts but I still feel like it slips.

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  2. I got mine from TJ Max and it was falling apart from doing hot yoga as well. I indulged in a yoga mat from Lululemon and I love it! It’s not slippery and it’s a good fit! The girl that works there recommended the thicker one so its better for my wrists. I love it! One side is smooth for yoga. The other side is more cushion for other exercise programs! Love you blog!

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