Practicing Yoga and Working Full Time: The Scrappy Edition Part 1

How are you able practice yoga at least five times a week? These are the questions I receive from friends and co-workers all the time. Work weeks and practicing yoga is always a balancing act. Something is always coming up at work which effects when I can practice yoga. Luckily, there are always enough classes at my studio to compensate, but being a very regimented person, I don’t like to change my schedule. When I made the commitment a year ago to really dive into my practice, I knew it was going to be tough and I was going to have to get “scrappy.”

Here is my ideal schedule of yoga practice below:


Monday: Early morning yoga

Tuesday: Lunchtime yoga

Wednesday: Lunchtime yoga

Thursday: Early morning yoga

Friday: Early morning yoga

Saturday: Morning yoga

Sunday: Rest

Seems like a pretty easy schedule to achieve right? Yeah, not so much. Here is an example of the internal conversation I have with myself every week on Monday morning looking at my work calendar.

     “Let’s see what my week looks like this morning. Oh, well on Wednesday, I have a 12:30 pm lunch meeting, so Wednesday yoga will have to be pushed to nighttime yoga. Oh wait, can I practice at night and then get up Thursday morning and practice again? I might be too sore. If I do that, then I need to practice at lunchtime on Thursday, and I can’t do that since I have a meeting that ends a noon. Well, if the meeting ends 10 minutes early, then I have a chance of making class on time. Maybe Wednesday becomes my rest day and pick up a class on Sunday? No, not this weekend, I have an Oakland A’s baseball game to go to.”

The way I made it “scrappy” is by making the determination to practice yoga however I can. I accepted the fact that I will have changes in my yoga schedule and to always be ready for yoga class. I always have my yoga bag, clothes and essential products in the back of my car ready to go if my work week schedules changed rapidly. I’m always prepared.

Readers, how do you get “scrappy” and attend all your workouts?


Scrappy Yogi

4 thoughts on “Practicing Yoga and Working Full Time: The Scrappy Edition Part 1”

  1. I first started with yoga on t.v. Its called Padma Yoga. Martha is lovely wit her possessions and meditation techniques. I would get up at 5am to have my espresso [ I know] then I would be awake enough for the session. I did this for years and it really helped me. Sadly life’s events has derailed me and I hope to get back on the track soon. Hopefully your blog with give me the inspiration I need. I believe that things come to us when we can handle them and when we need them.
    Hello new friend.

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