Studying Yoga and Working Full Time: The Scrappy Edition Part 2

Recently, just like practicing yoga, I made the commitment to also study yoga. I started by investing in some materials to read in order to further my practice. I felt like it was time for me to understand the history of Yoga, and not just try to master the poses. Here are the books I’m reading currently:

Working full time doesn’t always leave room for studying, which is different for me. All through my school years, even college and Master’s Degree, I could always study and work in tandem. It was sort of my identity. I was the student that could do it all. I didn’t understand students that would struggle. I always had a set time schedule for homework and work, or even when I was little, my activities. And, here’s the kicker, I always had things done before 8pm at night, so I could watch T.V.

Now, having not attended school in a few years, I’m finding out that my rhythm is off. It’s almost like I forgot how to study, and just like anything, I’m out of practice. I guess most people would say that I hit real adulthood. My priorities have shifted, so I continuously need to make time for what I want to accomplish in life.

I have set some guidelines for myself to help me study. Here are my guidelines below:

  • Read at least a chapter each night of each book
  • Interact with the content by either trying poses or meditation
  • Underline key facts in the content

The way that I have made this “scrappy” to fit my lifestyle is to read at awkward times. Sometimes, I read early in the morning before work, or maybe in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. I try to fit it all in. It’s not easy, just like making a commitment to practice yoga.

Readers, would love to know your tips and tricks to accomplishing your personal goals.


Scrappy Yogi

7 thoughts on “Studying Yoga and Working Full Time: The Scrappy Edition Part 2”

  1. Aww, I love this! The only thing I can think of as far as tips to accomplishing goals is balance. Balance is the only way to accomplish what matters most. I very much look up to you for your dedication to your goals! Good luck with everything!! 🙂

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  2. Increments… Sounds like you have a viable program. I’m jealous that you’re in school, though it’s probably not as fun when you work. I worked my way through college many years ago, but it’s different when the work is the side thing as opposed to the college being the side thing. Best to you!

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  3. Wow… Early morning yoga, a fill day of work, and studying with enough time to watch TV? Do you sleep?? 😉 When I was in Grad school I was also working full time and I definitely did not have any sort of life balance! You are inspiring me to step up my productivity game a little bit!

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