Product Review Thursday: Pocket Yoga Practice Builder App

All comments on products are my own, I was not paid to endorse this app.

It’s Product Review Thursday and today I wanted to review this app called Pocket Yoga Practice Builder. My struggle with home practice is I never really know what to poses to do after my Sun Salutations A and B. Having sat with my struggle for a few months, I finally decided to look for an app to help me build a full yoga practice. This app helps a yogi figure out how to build a successful practice (hence the name).

Here is what the app looks like:


Examples of what the poses look like:

Here are the pros I find with this application:

  • Different yoga styles
  • Different skill levels
  • No internet required to use
  • Play a full yoga class

It does take awhile to build a full yoga practice, but once it’s built, you feel very accomplished with yourself.

Readers, what apps do you use for workouts?


Scrappy Yogi



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