The Truth About Hair Care and Yoga

It’s time to get real about yoga and hair care. Most of us have the same hair routine: we take a hair tie, pull up our hair in a bun, and sweat. I have been blessed with long hair, which I love, but I don’t always have the time after each practice to totally wash my hair. Guess what? That’s ok!

My hair stylist, Amy Braem at Dustin David’s Salon, gave me some Do’s and Don’ts of hair care before and after yoga class.

  1. DON’T wash your hair everyday. It strips the natural oils out of your hair. Try to go 3-5 days between washes. When it is time to wash, scrub and rinse really well.
  2. DO spend money on good shampoo. Most supermarket shampoos contain more alcohol than anything, and will harm your hair.
  3. DON’T wash your hair in the morning. Best practice is to wash at night and let it air dry.
  4. DO use a dry shampoo right before a yoga session. She personally recommends Rene Furterer or KMS California. These products absorb the oils in your hair to create a “refreshed” look.

A special note to people with frizzy or curly hair, you can rinse and condition everyday if need be, but no reason to shampoo more than once a month.

These Do’s and Don’t have really helped my hair, and I cannot thank Amy enough! Yogis, what other hair care routines do you practice? I would love to know!


Scrappy Yogi

14 thoughts on “The Truth About Hair Care and Yoga”

  1. On a humid country like Philippines, it is impossible not to wash your hair on a daily basis 😫. My personal routine is do not shampoo everyday, just condition. Since I practice after work, I just wash it and no need to use shampoo or conditioner since basically I am just going to sleep. 👍🏽

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    1. It’s because your body is getting used to the new routine. If you’ve beg washing everyday it every other day for a while it’s been over producing oil to try and make up for what’s been stripped away. If you try to hold out it will get better over time your body just need to compensate for the change 🙂


  2. Curly girl over here. I’ve been shampooing my hair only once a month and rising with just conditioner for years. I go to 1 hour to yoga classes twice a week so now I rinse those days as well. My hair is much more healthy and not as dry as it used to be. Our water is a bit hard so whenever I see it needs some moisture I put raw Shea butter in it for a few hours then shampoo and condition and it’s like it’s had a professional treatment 🙂 Any tips on how to style your hair for yoga? I keep trying to play with where to put my ponytail and have ultimately been doing pigtails even though I feel silly because that’s the only way I don’t have to change my hair depending on the pose.

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    1. I find that pigtails do work really well for yoga but my favorite hair style is a bun. I have a thing where I don’t want the hair to touch my back so I do my best to get all hair up on top of my head 🙂

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      1. Yeah I just struggle finding the sweet spot because when I do the supported handstand I can’t have my hair on the top of my head and when we do poses where we lay down it can’t be on the nape of my neck… :/

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