Product Review Thursday: Athleta Yoga Clothes

All opinions are my own. I was not paid to endorse these products

If you read my blog, you know that I love the Fabletics yoga clothing because it is affordable and stylish. But, there are other clothing brands out there and I have a menagerie of yoga clothes. One of the other main brands of yoga clothing I have is Athleta. Today, I will review the High Rise Chaturanga Tight and the Criss Cross Sweatshirt.

The High Rise Chaturanga Tight (pictured below) is a great essential in any yoga closet. First of all, I love tights for yoga. Since I’m short, the tight allows me to not step all over my pants while I practice yoga. These tights are also high rise, so you don’t have to keep pulling up your yoga pants while you practice. I love how they are extremely soft and don’t cut off circulation. The one thing with Athleta products is they tend to be priced on the higher side. These particular pants are $74.00.


(Image courtesy of

My other favorite product is the Criss Cross Sweatshirt (pictured below). I’m always in search of a great sweatshirt in life and this one definitely doesn’t disappoint. I have always struggled with what type of sweater or sweatshirt to put on after yoga practice until I found the Criss Cross Sweatshirt. This product is soft and French terry fabric. The fabric doesn’t overheat the body after yoga, and it loose in the arms for comfort. It is also on the pricey side being $69.00, but it does hold up wash after wash.


(Image courtesy of

Readers, what are your favorite yoga clothes? If you ever have any suggestions for Product Review Thursday, feel free to comment.


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