Influenza and Yoga Practice

Practicing yoga has not been easy these last three weeks. It all started when my fiance S. came home from a business trip on a Friday with a tiny cough. By the time Sunday came around, he was lying on the couch with the flu. My health quickly declined as well, and by Tuesday of the next week, I also had the flu.

Now, this was not just the flu. It was the REAL influenza. Body aches, chills, fever, loss of appetite….the works. And the worst of it was, both my fiance and I were sick at the same time. We were miserable together and Netflix was on 24/7. There was nothing we could do but just rest.

Of course, I was not well enough to practice yoga. I do usually try to push myself to practice when I have a minor cold or allergies, but I literally couldn’t get up out of bed. This fatigue lasted for four days and I developed a very bad cough along with it. It was the type of cough where I couldn’t lie flat without a hysterical coughing fit. Sitting up was my only option.

Finally, after seven days of not practicing yoga and resting my body, the flu was gone. But, my cough still lingered. I decided to try some yoga poses at home to see if I was well enough for class, but it ended up in a coughing fit. I felt that if I went to class my cough would disturb the other yogis. I had visions of other yogis moving their mats away from me as I coughed up a storm. I was so upset. I felt better, and yet, I still couldn’t practice yoga.

I made up my mind to try remedies to ease my cough. I wanted to get back to my yoga practice. I used honey, hot tea and cough drops for three days, but still I was coughing. I finally had enough. I was going to practice yoga, and if I coughed in class, I coughed in class (which did happen).

I was proud of myself for pushing through my annoying cough to continue my practice. Readers, I would love to know what remedies help you get back to your daily workout routines and/or yoga practice!


Scrappy Yogi


Breath to Breath Practice

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. We all know that yoga should be practiced breath to breath. I am probably the worst of breath to breath practice. I do breathe in yoga, but allergies and not paying much attention to my vinyasa flow, I tend to get a little lazy. On Thursday, we had a substitute instructor, and she changed my view.

Class started at 6:30 am, usual for me, and I knew there was a substitute. I had heard great things about her, so I was excited to practice. We did our warm up, and then started to go into Sun Salutation B. If you are not familiar with Sun Salutation B, click here.

Now, usually in Sun Salutation B, I breathe a lot. This is because of the flow from Warrior I to Chaturanga can be brutal on my lungs. Today, however, our new instructor really pushed us to try breath to breath. What was the worst that would happen? I would breathe an extra breath. I gave my all to breath to breath, and you know what? My practice was a lot more fulfilling. It was very meditative! Not going to lie it was challenging, but I got my mind into a clear space, which I desperately need most of the time.

So, this leads me to my pic above for the week. The Complete Yoga Book by James Hewitt. I have had this book for a few weeks now, but I didn’t start reading it until after my breath to breath class.

I have made the commitment to myself to start to learn more about yoga to enhance my practice, but also to learn how to breathe.

Readers, what are your favorite yoga books? I would love to know!


Scrappy Yogi