Practicing Yoga Off Balance

Readers, as you may have noticed, my blog posts have been off schedule. For this I apologize. Along with my blog posts, my yoga practice has been off balance too. Whether it is work related or life related, you name it, it has happened in the couple of weeks. And nothing negative has happened either, which I’m grateful for.

So what is off balance yoga? In my definition, it’s when I practice yoga and my mind is not in the right space or my body will not cooperate. It can get frustrating practicing a pose you know you have mastered, or when your mind is not listening to the cues of your instructor.

One of the more frustrating experiences happened this morning in yoga. As usual, we were doing “Bridge Pose”, and there is a part where we sweep our arms above our head, pause for a breath, then release them to our side. Well, today for whatever reason, I couldn’t keep my arms above my head. No rhyme or reason for it, just off balance.

What I try to remember when  life is off balance it that it is a temporary. Just like a yoga pose.

Readers, would love to know your experiences when your yoga practice or workout is off balance?


Scrappy Yogi




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