Summer Heat and Yoga Festivals

Hello, Summer! Break out the swimsuits, ice cold beverages and enjoy the heat! For yogis, Summer is filled with hotter practices and yoga festivals. If you practice warm Vinyasa flow like I do, the heat can really make a yoga practice difficult.

Even though I’m not a yoga teacher, I put together some Tips and Tricks to get through the Summer heat.


  • Water is your best friend. You need to drink more of it in the Summer since the sweating in class is more intense.

Bring extra towels

  • Depending on how much you sweat, extra towels come in handy after practice and during.

Wear looser yoga clothing

  • I struggle with this one since I love yoga pants, but wearing yoga shorts or just looser tops makes you feel cooler.

Water down your yoga towel (if you use one)

  • You can use a spray bottle of water on your towel to make it cooler when you practice.

Pace yourself

  • Always practice in moderation. When you need a break, take it.

Summer is also a time where multiple Yoga Festivals will be taking place. I am happy to announce that I will be blogging for the Morgan Hill Yoga Festival on June 18th! You can find out more about the Morgan Hill Yoga FestivalĀ here. You can also follow my blog and Twitter for more information.

Readers, would love to know how you get through the Summer heat!


Scrappy Yogi


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