Yoga is for Everybody

I think there is a common misconception that yoga isn’t for everybody. There is a lot of information for a new yogi to learn. There are different styles of yoga, different poses, different mats and much much more. The learning curve can be overwhelming and can even make an aspiring yogi not interested in trying a class.  I certainly felt that way ten years ago.

When I was a newbie to yoga, I didn’t even know what Downward Facing Dog was. I was just looking to try a new experience. I found a yoga studio that was small enough that I could try classes and the yoga style was Vinyasa. I went down to Target and bought a mat and a couple of articles of yoga clothing, and I went off to try my first class.

My first class was extremely difficult, not because of the poses, but the learning curve was steep. I didn’t know the poses, and I looked at the instructor more than focusing on what I was doing. I felt accomplished for trying something new, but I definitely felt out of the loop.

After class, I remember the instructor telling me yoga is for everybody and I did a great job. She encouraged me to keep coming back, and I did. I tell this story because this is why I support the Morgan Hill Yoga Festival. This is a festival that is for everybody.

Readers, who has been an influential instructor in your life?


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4 thoughts on “Yoga is for Everybody”

  1. I never took a class with her in person, but I am a big fan of Sadie Nardini on YouTube. Actually, I used to be a big fan, and now I’m not so sure. In her older videos, she gives a lot of great motivation to keep going, instruction on proper form, which is amazing considering she is not there to actually correct you. I learned how to finally get into crow pose after watching her videos. Her newer content seems less yoga focused and more general fitness and self promotion, but I do owe a lot of what I know about how to use my body to her.

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