How Yoga Has Prepared Me For Surfing

Yoga has been part of my life for a long time. It’s a practice that I bring everywhere with me, whether it’s traveling for work or living in a new city. Whenever I have to pick up a class at a new studio or practice on my own, there is no hesitation since yoga is something I know.

Recently, my fiance S. has wanted to give surfing a try. We live in California, so it’s not out of the norm for him to want to try surfing. Here’s the kicker; he wants me to try as well. At first I was excited to try something new, but then hesitation set in. How am I going to possibly surf? Don’t I need a bunch of stuff to surf? Wetsuit? Board? Wax? What size board do I need?

While I processed all of things I needed to surf, I thought about the  first time I decided to try yoga. I had the same reaction: don’t I need a bunch of stuff for yoga? Well, the answer is yes: you need a mat, clothes and a water bottle. And since I wanted to practice yoga badly enough, I bought what I needed to be successful in learning yoga.

As I reflected on my first yoga experiences, I thought how yoga has prepared me for surfing. I already know how to take the necessary steps to start a new sport. And yes, I need to buy a wetsuit, board and wax, but that is not any different from what products you need in yoga.

So today I took the first step: I bought a wetsuit.

Readers, has yoga or any other sport ever prepared you for another sport?


Scrappy Yogi


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