Morgan Hill Yoga Festival Review

The yoga festival was finally here yesterday! Before I go into my review, I just want to thank The Art of Living foundation for producing this wonderful festival and allowing me to blog about my experiences. I feel truly grateful for being part of The Second Annual Morgan Hill Yoga Festival. Now, onto my review…

Having not ever been to a yoga festival, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My morning started off early (just like any other) and I was a bundle of excitement. I was going to be surrounded by other yogis, just like me, and I set an intention of being fully present and open to the new experience.

When I arrived at the venue, I checked in, and started walking around. I was surrounded by local vendors, musicians and guest instructors, and the atmosphere was full of happiness. Everyone was just excited to be there, which was a refreshing feeling.

I started to mingle in each vendor booth, getting to know their stories of their businesses. There were yoga studios, clothing brands and even food at the festival, most local vendors. Each vendor told me amazing stories of how much their community means to them, and I was truly honored to hear them. It reminded me of how important is it to support our local businesses.

My favorite moment was at the beginning yoga warm up. The guest instructor was on the main stage with a microphone bringing yogis through the practice. There were still participants walking around to each vendor, and then all of a sudden one by one, participants stopped in their tracks and started to practice yoga with the guest instructor. Didn’t matter if you were dressed properly or even had a mat, it was truly just a community practicing yoga together. The Morgan Hill Yoga Festival really is everyone’s festival.

Readers, what are your favorite yoga/workout moments?


Scrappy Yogi




2 thoughts on “Morgan Hill Yoga Festival Review”

  1. I’m so glad you had a good experience! At the yoga festival I attended a few years ago, there were other non-yoga activities that you could try. They had slack lines set up between trees and one over the pond, and also paddle boards (all very core / balance related). I didn’t try them, but it was fun to watch people – even kids – trying out new activities that maybe they never before had exposure to.

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