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I am a complete goal oriented or competition oriented person, but I have always struggled with finding a workout or sport that I could stick with for a long time. Most of the time, I would move around sports or workouts regiments because I needed to make a life choice.

When I was little I was active in terms of mountain biking, roller blading, jump rope or Skip It, but I was never inclined to do a team sport. When I found tennis at around the age of 12, mainly because my grandmother played the sport, I was in love because it was finally something I could play on my own. I had dreams of being the best Tennis player, watched all the Tennis sporting events, but those dreams were short lived when I entered high school and found theater instead, and I had to make a choice between the two.

I watched an interesting documentary on Netflix called “Fittest on Earth”. It’s about the Reebok Crossfit Games and how hard these individuals work to get there. While I watched this documentary in utter amazement of what these individuals could do, I couldn’t help remember my journey through Crossfit. When I started working out, I remember that feeling of I wanted to be the best Crossfitter ever! I had that drive to win every workout as well. But this love for Crossfit was also short lived.  It literally lasted six months, and I was unhappy with my physique, so I went back to more cardio and yoga.

Just recently, I was practicing yoga and I couldn’t hold up my arms in Warrior II. Now, this is not normal for me whatsoever. My shoulders were achy, tired and my body was worn out. I had the same thoughts in my head like I did when I was younger: I’m going to have to make a choice between Yoga and Surfing. The yoga instructor saw how I was struggling with my shoulders, and she decided to put us in a Criss-Cross pose, which felt amazing for tight shoulders.

While I was lying there, I thought, I don’t have to choose between yoga and surfing. I just have to accept the fact that some yoga practices are going to be harder because of surfing and vice versa. I’m not practicing or training for a competition, I practice yoga and surf because it releases stress and brings balance to my life.

Readers, I would love to know what sports and workout regiments you have gone through in your life?


~Scrappy Yogi

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