Liv Rio Sportswear and a Scrappy Offer Code

Readers, since you follow my blog, you know that I adore yoga clothes. The other week when I was blogging for The Morgan Hill Yoga Festival, I came upon a new yoga clothing line called Liv Rio Sportswear.

What initially drew me to the vendor was their 3D pants (see below).

When I started talking to the owners, they informed me that their pants are made with the highest quality Brazilian Lycra. Their pants won’t pill and are definitely not see through. So, I decided to try their signature 3D pant and their Super Dry Fit 3/4 pant.

The first pant I tried was the 3D pant and I immediately fell in love. I wore this pant to a mixed flow yoga class. The fabric held up great and they didn’t slip when I was practicing. The next day, I tried the Super Dry Fit 3/4 pant to a sweaty flow class. I usually wear capris or shorts to hot vinyasa flow classes, but I decided to give this pant a try. I was completely amazing it held up to it’s name! I was literally dripping with sweat the whole class and the pants dried.

Now, for the ultimate test, the washing test. I washed this yoga pants regularly and they held up great! The colors didn’t fade and the lyric stayed in tact. Readers, I love these pants so much that the Liv Rio Sportswear company is offering you 30% off of your first purchase. Just type in Code: Scrappy30. Let me know how you like them!


Scrappy Yogi

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