Practicing Yoga with an Injury

Practicing yoga with an injury can be an art form in itself. I didn’t sustain a serious injury from surfing, but rather an injury that was more annoying and painful. See picture above for the photographic evidence.

I decided to keep practicing yoga anyway, not letting this huge bruise stop my progress. I did make some yoga practicing rules for myself though, ensuring that I didn’t hurt my ankle even more. Some of my rules were no brainers, but I felt it was good to remind myself that my ankle had a huge bruise on it. Here were my rules:

  • If at any time any pose hurt, you must stop the pose
    • This should be everyone’s mantra, but sometimes I do push myself into poses, so I felt that I should reiterate this mantra.
  • Do not put ankles together in Sun Salutations, rather keep ankles shoulder width apart
    • This was a hard adjustment to me, since I like to keep my feet together in Sun Salutations. I welcomed the new experience into my practice.
  • No bow pose or any pose where the ankle is held
    • This was my no brainer rule to myself.
  • Tell the instructor
    • I always tell the instructors when I am injured so they don’t assist me in a way that will hurt me more.

Readers, how do you workout with an injury, I would love to know!


Scrappy Yogi

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