Yogi Does Paddleboarding

So in 49 days, I will be getting married. Everyone I know who has gone through the wedding planning process warned me that the last two months are the most stressful. To be honest, I brushed that advice off, didn’t think it would be stressful. Oh, but I was wrong.

For me, the most stressful part of the wedding planning process is just getting the little things done now. It’s the dress alterations, hair appointments, suit fittings, clothes shopping ( rehearsal dinner), and any other little detail you couldn’t get done previously. I have an amazing mother and wedding planner that have worked on the logistics and final details, now it’s just my turn to show up to each appointment, which makes life a little bit more busy than usual.

This past week was a little overwhelming, so naturally, I threw myself into as many yoga classes as I could. I took a way a lot of wise words from my instructors this week, and I was taught the integrity of Triangle Pose. The one thing I was missing was the ocean. Surfing has a very calming effect on me, comparable to a yoga practice. I find beauty in surfing, and it allows me to clear my head, not to mention the endorphin high is incredible.

Unfortunately, this past weekend, there were no real surfing waves in the Pacific, and that’s when my fiance Steven, suggested we go paddleboarding instead. So we suited up, and went to the ocean with our paddleboard. We even took our Action Cameras. You can check out our video here.

We had an incredible weekend in the ocean, together. Sometimes you just need a weekend to reset and recharge. Readers, what helps you reset and recharge?


Scrappy Yogi




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