Life Coaching, Coffee, and Yoga

Just recently, I had coffee with a dear friend and mentor. We started chatting about our lives naturally, but then the conversation shifted to how we have both decided to not surround ourselves with people that we don’t think are good. This conversation, like most conversations I have with friends, usually reminds me of lessons I learn from my yoga practices, and this particular conversation reminded me of a class not long ago.

Early last week, I decided to take a yoga class with an instructor I wasn’t too familiar with, so I set my intention to be open to what the instructor was teaching. Through our Vinyasa Flow, she was talking to us about how all people we interact with our Teachers. Some of these Teachers are good, positive people, while others are called Reverse Teachers. Reverse Teachers are people we see as negative and we choose to not practice what they teach. It is only by embracing the Teacher and the Reverse Teacher that yogis can grow in practice.

This lesson really resonated with me, as we are always going to run into people that we don’t necessary want to be like. And, I have to be honest Readers: this wasn’t the first time I heard this advice. I had heard it from my dear friend and mentor I had coffee with later that same week, but she gave me the same teaching a few years back.

Readers, I would like to introduce you to my dear friend and mentor Kimberly Fulcher. She is a professional trained life coach who focuses on women empowerment, and now you can hear her advice too! Click here to view her YouTube Channel and get your groove back!


Scrappy Yogi

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