Remember to Support Others: Surfing Yogi Edition

Sometimes, it can be really intimidating walking into a new yoga studio. Personally, this has never been an issue for me, but I try to remember the new yogis, and help them to feel welcome by supporting their practice. Funny thing is, I have never received support from others in my adventures, until today, and it happened when surfing.

I decided to go out surfing late in the afternoon. There was a small swell that came in this weekend, and I knew I needed to be out in the water. For those readers who don’t know, waves come in sets of three (ideally), and today, there happened to be some pretty nice sets. My strategy was to take the second wave, just in case I missed the first one.

Being a beginner surfer, just like going to a new yoga studio, can be intimidating. Today, was a little intimidating. The waves were bigger than I was used to, and the ocean was full of surfers. I stuck to my strategy, and saw a set of waves starting to form. I went through the first wave, confusing some surfers around me as to why I didn’t take it. Then, I was in perfect position for a bigger second wave.

As I started to paddle to catch the wave, our of the corner of my eye I saw an older man on a very elaborate wooden board. He looked at me and shouted,”Go go go! Paddle paddle paddle!”. I started to paddle with precision, caught the wave, and was able to ride it into the shore.

Turning around my board and paddling back out, I saw the older man. He turned around and asked with excitement,” Did you catch it? You were in perfect position!”. I replied that I had caught it, and then I thanked him for his encouragement.

It’s always important to remember to support others. Readers, would love to know your stories of supporting someone else or someone supporting you in your athletic adventures.


Scrappy Yogi

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