Becoming a Stronger Surfer

I had a realization while surfing the other weekend: I’m not as strong as I physically should be. While surfing on mushy waves, I had low paddle power essentially making it difficult to catch anything. After the two hour surfing session, I walked out of the water thinking about how I could become a stronger surfer.

I mulled over the types of workouts I do in a week which is yoga and running. I figure that I need to up the weight training in order to paddle stronger. So this morning was my first weight workout. I will keep you all posted in my progress, and I’m guessing this weight training will also enhance my yoga practice.

On another note readers, I will be getting married next weekend, then off to Hawaii for my honeymoon! I’m excited to share all my yoga and surfing adventures with you all!

Readers, I would love to know if you ever felt weak in workouts and how you fixed it!


Scrappy Yogi

You only get to be a beginner once

Recently, I rolled out of bed to take an early morning Mixed Level Yoga Flow class. I was very sore, very tired, but I managed to down a cup of coffee before class began. I will be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to class. I was pushing myself because I needed yoga, and being so sore, I knew that some poses would not be available to me.

As class began, my body started to unwind. I took certain variations of poses easier, letting go of any expectations. Then the yoga instructor said something interesting. She stated that with a Mixed Level Yoga Class, you get to see the beginners and the advanced yogis in one shared space.The beginners have a beautiful experience because it’s all new and the advanced yogis are supporting the beginners growth. Remember, you only get to be a beginner once.

I thought about that during the rest of the class. I remember being an excited beginner. I remember watching advanced yogis and being inspired to keep practicing. And now, in this very class, that I had to push myself to attend, and wasn’t an excited beginner anymore. I needed to switch my thinking an become a yogi supporting other yogis.

Readers, would love to know what keeps you motivated in the days you don’t want to practice or work out!


Scrappy Yogi

Surf and Turf: The Yoga Edition

Recently, I was talking to my fiance about my yoga practice. Since I have gotten into surfing ( and I’m absolutely in love), my yoga practice has taken somewhat of a backseat. It’s mainly taken a backseat because surfing takes a lot of core strength and arm strength, and my body has been adjusting to the new physical demands.  I told my finance that I want to get back into my normal routine of yoga practice (6 times a week). I told my fiance I wanted to recommit myself to my practice and incorporate surfing as well.That’s when he turned to me and said my practice should be called “Surf and Turf”.

When I heard the term I laughed, and then I thought about it. He’s actually right. I practice on the land and in the sea. For me, surfing has a lot of qualities of a yoga practice. I learn and grow in my “surfing practice” every time I go out into the water. You can’t have any expectations of the waves, since the waves are unpredictable, and some days my skills are better than other days. I go into the water with the same mantras I use for my yoga practice, and for me, there is a spiritual component to surfing.

So what is so wrong with adding more practices to my yoga journey? Nothing. The truth of the matter is that my yoga practices will have to change to incorporate the surfing. Now, I don’t know what that means yet, maybe some Yin Yoga classes, but I’m open to where my yoga journey is taking me.

Readers, what other workouts or practices have you grown into? I would love to know!


Scrappy Yogi