Becoming a Stronger Surfer

I had a realization while surfing the other weekend: I’m not as strong as I physically should be. While surfing on mushy waves, I had low paddle power essentially making it difficult to catch anything. After the two hour surfing session, I walked out of the water thinking about how I could become a stronger surfer.

I mulled over the types of workouts I do in a week which is yoga and running. I figure that I need to up the weight training in order to paddle stronger. So this morning was my first weight workout. I will keep you all posted in my progress, and I’m guessing this weight training will also enhance my yoga practice.

On another note readers, I will be getting married next weekend, then off to Hawaii for my honeymoon! I’m excited to share all my yoga and surfing adventures with you all!

Readers, I would love to know if you ever felt weak in workouts and how you fixed it!


Scrappy Yogi

6 thoughts on “Becoming a Stronger Surfer”

  1. Congratulations on your wedding! Maui sure sounds great! How I work on paddle power is that I used to swim twice a week. But I found out that muscles for swimming aren’t necessarily the same as for paddling. It is a good way to build endurance though. What really helped my range of motion and strength and agility in my shoulders was kickboxing. (For the workout, not the fighting that is.) It really amazed me that it would help so much. Of course you can also go for tons of sun salutations 😉 make sure you work out your triceps though! All the best! Wieske

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  2. Try a high intensity workout with burpees to help with your pop up. Try arm and back lifts with light weights but with high repetitions to build strength per set. Run, run, run. Hope that helps.

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