Getting back into yoga

So for the past few weeks, yoga has been an afterthought. Between getting married, our honeymoon and surfing, I needed to dedicate myself to my yoga practice.

The way I decided to dedicate myself to yoga was to try a new studio. My former studio was fine, but the times I could practice yoga and their class schedule just hasn’t been matching up.

So this morning was the day I tried a new studio. The style of yoga was still Vinyasa but the heat in the room was much warmer than I have been used to. Literally beads of sweat were pouring out of my skin. The instructor was very knowledgeable and even adjusted students to help their practice.

I decided to give this style of heated Vinyasa a try for the month. Readers, I would love to know if you ever have tried super heated yoga classes?

~ Namaste 

Scrappy Yogi

Surfing in West Maui

While our honeymoon was full of amazing experiences, one of my favorite memories will be surfing in Launiupoko. Having only surfed in Santa Cruz, I was excited to surf in a new location, and I was also excited that no wetsuit was involved.

All in all, I had about 3 surfing days on this beach. The first day I went out the waves were very small and gentle, but I made the most of it by taking in the beautiful scenery and the very warm water. One of the best things about surfing when it’s calm is the people you meet in the water. The first day, I met a Mauian who told me the history of the swells, the importance of their coral reefs and marine life. He also told me to take in everything and just relax. Being a Santa Cruz surfer, sometimes we can get a little aggressive, so this advice was something I needed to hear.

The last day I surfed Launiupoko was one of the best surfing days. Being that there was a huge swell to hit North Shore, the West saw some amazing waves. The sets were consistent and clean. Everyone in the water could catch a wave. The first wave I caught was so perfect, and after my ride was over, and I started to paddle back into the line when this beautiful Mauian woman paddled next to me. She complimented my surfing and stated how good she felt when she’s out in the water and catches that perfect wave. She told me how alive she felt surfing, and to always take in every surf experience (good, bad or ugly).

I will always carry those words of wisdom with me. I have written before how I didn’t feel like a surfer, and I have even been told I need to wait a year to use the title. I came back from Maui a surfer.


Scrappy Yogi

I married, honeymooned, surfed and yoga’d 

I’m back! It’s been about three weeks since my last blog post but for a good reason: I got married and went to Maui! I have to say our wedding was beautiful and I came back from Hawaii with a new perspective.

Before we even landed in Hawaii, I knew I was going to surf. I had my locations all scouted out, my husband’s snorkeling locations scouted out, and my board was already reserved.

My first couple of days out in the water were a little disappointing since the swells weren’t that big at all, but the water was beautiful and the surfers were even better. The Mauians were the kindest and most relaxed surfers I have ever met.

My last day of surfing was the absolute best day. A huge swell in North Shore  caused some epic waves in the West, where I primarily surfed all week. I have never seen wave after wave come in like I did in Maui, and I caught each every wave I went for.

I learned so much in the water from the Mauians that one blog post isn’t going to cover all that I learned. 

This honeymoon was transformational for me, and I look forward to sharing all my experiences in my next few blog posts.

Readers, I would love to know if you have ever had a transformational vacation!


Scrappy Yogi