I married, honeymooned, surfed and yoga’d 

I’m back! It’s been about three weeks since my last blog post but for a good reason: I got married and went to Maui! I have to say our wedding was beautiful and I came back from Hawaii with a new perspective.

Before we even landed in Hawaii, I knew I was going to surf. I had my locations all scouted out, my husband’s snorkeling locations scouted out, and my board was already reserved.

My first couple of days out in the water were a little disappointing since the swells weren’t that big at all, but the water was beautiful and the surfers were even better. The Mauians were the kindest and most relaxed surfers I have ever met.

My last day of surfing was the absolute best day. A huge swell in North Shore  caused some epic waves in the West, where I primarily surfed all week. I have never seen wave after wave come in like I did in Maui, and I caught each every wave I went for.

I learned so much in the water from the Mauians that one blog post isn’t going to cover all that I learned. 

This honeymoon was transformational for me, and I look forward to sharing all my experiences in my next few blog posts.

Readers, I would love to know if you have ever had a transformational vacation!


Scrappy Yogi

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