Getting back into yoga

So for the past few weeks, yoga has been an afterthought. Between getting married, our honeymoon and surfing, I needed to dedicate myself to my yoga practice.

The way I decided to dedicate myself to yoga was to try a new studio. My former studio was fine, but the times I could practice yoga and their class schedule just hasn’t been matching up.

So this morning was the day I tried a new studio. The style of yoga was still Vinyasa but the heat in the room was much warmer than I have been used to. Literally beads of sweat were pouring out of my skin. The instructor was very knowledgeable and even adjusted students to help their practice.

I decided to give this style of heated Vinyasa a try for the month. Readers, I would love to know if you ever have tried super heated yoga classes?

~ Namaste 

Scrappy Yogi

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