Not being able to reach Samadhi (quieting of the mind)

Yoga has been a struggle lately. I have bounced back and forth from studio to studio, trying home practice and YouTube channels, but nothing seems to work. It’s frustrating when your yoga practice was perfect for so long and then to be thrown into an off track practice. It wasn’t until a recent yoga class that I realized what had changed.

While I was standing in Tree Pose, the instructor reminded us to evoke “Samadhi” or focus of the mind. Usually, my focus is spot on in yoga classes and I use yoga in order to not think about my daily schedule. But, this day, my mind was everywhere. I was thinking of surfing, running, work, marriage etc. I had no control of my mind, and therefore, I fell out of the pose.

In reflection, I remembered tips and tricks on how to quiet the mind during yoga. I have listed them below:

  • Repeat a mantra
  • Pay attention to the breath
  • Embrace you will not be perfect

Readers, what tips and tricks do you use to focus and quiet the mind?


Scrappy Yogi





2 thoughts on “Not being able to reach Samadhi (quieting of the mind)”

  1. I wish I knew! Usually what helps me the most is listening to the sound of my breath. I’ve never had a mantra that worked. How do people go about finding one? Is there a book with a zillion options that I can choose from?

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