Two Weeks in-Beachbody Yoga 30 Challenge

I’m officially two weeks through my Beachbody Yoga 30 Day Challenge! To be clear, it’s not practicing yoga everyday (Sunday rest), but it is a commitment to practice at least 6 times a week. Here is what I am liking so far:

  1. Each day is a different practice and the Beachbody calendar is easy to follow
  2. Each yoga session is no more than 45 minutes
  3. Beachbody offers multiple instructors so practices don’t become boring

I’m definitely becoming stronger, and these daily yoga stretches are helping me with surfing and the high intensity workouts I started about a month ago. All in all, it’s an excellent program.

My one criticism so far is that there is a timer on each yoga workout. I’m notorious for counting down the minutes to any workout, but yoga is the type of practice that you don’t want to stare at a clock.

My remedy for this (see pic above) is to set my mat facing the wall, away from the tablet or TV I am using. That way, I don’t look at the clock.


Scrappy Yogi


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