Yoga poses for back pain

As a reminder, I am not a yoga teacher, just a student. All thoughts and poses are my opinions.

As most of you know, I have been cross training to become a strong surfer and yogi. Whether it’s HIIT workouts, running or weight training, I have been working out regularly. This morning, I woke up early with the most agonizing back pain. So, I turned to what I know most: heat packs and yoga poses.

Below are a list of my favorite yoga poses for back pain. I have linked the poses to step by step instructions if needed :). Instructions provided by Yoga Journal

Fire Log Pose

In this pose, you stack your right leg on your left leg. I like to switch which leg is on top, as it stretches my back and hips.

Downward-Facing Dog and Dolphin

Most people know these poses. In Dolphin, the difference is you are on your forearms instead of hands. I love to peddle my feet in these positions to stretch out my back muscles.

Sphinx Pose

Since this is considered a baby backbend, it can alleviate those tight muscles in the back. For me, the ability to spread my shoulder blades really helps my back pain, since most of my pain is upper back related.

Wide-legged Forward Fold

My favorite back pain release pose. I usually do this pose three times. First time using prayer hands, second time clasping hands, third time just touching the ground. I find it also helps my tight shoulders.

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Scrappy Yogi

Scrappy Yogi in Seattle


This past weekend, the husband and I took a quick trip to Seattle. It had been months since we had a weekend away.  The only plans we had were to attend the Sounders FC game, but otherwise, the weekend was all free. The best part of it was our hotel was on the waterfront, near Pike’s Market.

While we did have a fantastic weekend, I want to talk about one experience in particular. Recently, I have been reading a lot of blogs about traveling alone and experiencing a place without a traveling partner. I read these entries with fascination since I don’t think I could ever travel alone. These people are so brave and I envy how they push themselves to experiences new things.

So, on Saturday morning, I decided to walk the city of Seattle by myself to grab my early morning coffee. I figured I would push myself out of my comfort zone, just like the people who travel alone. I know what you are thinking readers. I wouldn’t have to go far for coffee in Seattle, which is true, but I decided to walk down to the waterfront for my coffee; about 1 mile down the road.

As I started walking alone to the waterfront, I have to admit there was a little bit of anxiety. I have never been good traveling in big cities, and I am not a great navigator. I would be an awful participant on “The Amazing Race”. Luckily, I had my GPS, and the worst thing that would happen I would take a Lyft back to the hotel.

Walking to the waterfront was a beautiful experience. I took in all the sounds and people of the city. I saw multiple yogis riding bikes or walking to class, and a bunch of runners. I had a fleeting thought that I should join a yoga class, but quickly remembered I didn’t bring any of my yoga accessories on this trip.

As I walked to the waterfront, and saw the sun rise over the Puget Sound, all I was reminded about was that special moment when you surf the sunrise. That feeling of complete gratitude and appreciation for life.

After my moment, I walked back to the hotel, coffee in hand. I only got lost a couple of times, and managed to make it back.

Readers, I would love to know how you push yourself out of your comfort zone

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Scrappy Yogi

3 Surf Sessions, 2 Yoga Practices, and 1 Short Distance Run…and a Pedicure

Last week, I talked about how I was in a funk and needed to get back in a surfing, yoga and workout routine. Well, I definitely had a successful athletic week, not sure it’s routine yet. Here’s a breakout of my week:


Early morning surfing session. I actually visited two different beaches to get the best waves, but did more paddling than anything. The waves were super crumbly and small.


Rest day


Early morning yoga session with surfer buddy of mine. I woke up with a stiff shoulder blade so I practiced yoga in the sand while my buddy surfed.


Early morning surf session. The waves were really clean, and since there was a small south swell, multiple waves for everyone.


Rest Day


Short Distance Run and Yoga. I decided to run the iconic Surfer’s Path in Santa Cruz, though the wind was making it hard to breathe. Of course, the yoga practice was after my run.


Early morning surf session. Waves were a little weak, but fun. Caught multiple waves before the beach got too crowded.

I also decided to treat myself to a pedicure on Saturday. My feet were aching from all the activity over the week. I’m hoping this next week will be just as successful, but I’m not trying to put pressure on myself.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

~Scrappy Yogi


It Happened Again…

Well, it happened again. I got off track with my HIIT workouts, yoga routine, and surfing. Between work, the heat, and busy weekends, I just can’t seem to hold down a routine. Yesterday, my husband and I went on a 5 mile hike (which was beautiful but tick infested), so I had a lot of time to think. Why am I sabotaging myself? I decided to breakdown each of my activities and write what I need to do to be successful.

HIIT Workouts

The HIIT workouts I do in a workout room IN OUR HOUSE. Really no excuse here, but I think I need to de-clutter the room a little bit (see pic above). We have so much exercise equipment, it can get a little overwhelming at times.

Yoga Routine

For several months now, I have been practicing yoga on my own.  While I do love self practice, I do think it’s time for me to go back to class. My routines aren’t very creative right now, and I think some inspiration is called for.


Well, this probably has been my most consist activity. I’m still averaging about 1 to 2 times a week, but I can push myself to work a little bit harder.

So, in conclusion, I need to clean up my workout room, get to a yoga class, and surf a little bit more. I think these goals are achievable. Readers, do you ever make goals for yourself? I would love to know!

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~Scrappy Yogi