3 Surf Sessions, 2 Yoga Practices, and 1 Short Distance Run…and a Pedicure

Last week, I talked about how I was in a funk and needed to get back in a surfing, yoga and workout routine. Well, I definitely had a successful athletic week, not sure it’s routine yet. Here’s a breakout of my week:


Early morning surfing session. I actually visited two different beaches to get the best waves, but did more paddling than anything. The waves were super crumbly and small.


Rest day


Early morning yoga session with surfer buddy of mine. I woke up with a stiff shoulder blade so I practiced yoga in the sand while my buddy surfed.


Early morning surf session. The waves were really clean, and since there was a small south swell, multiple waves for everyone.


Rest Day


Short Distance Run and Yoga. I decided to run the iconic Surfer’s Path in Santa Cruz, though the wind was making it hard to breathe. Of course, the yoga practice was after my run.


Early morning surf session. Waves were a little weak, but fun. Caught multiple waves before the beach got too crowded.

I also decided to treat myself to a pedicure on Saturday. My feet were aching from all the activity over the week. I’m hoping this next week will be just as successful, but I’m not trying to put pressure on myself.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

~Scrappy Yogi


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