Work Travel Woes

Most of us have experienced traveling for work. Lately, I have been traveling a lot, driving a lot, and just overall working A LOT. I have been to multiple states, multiple hotels, and living out of a suitcase.

I’m sure other people have the same problem I’m having: how do I keep a workout routine/yoga routine while traveling?  Obviously, surfing is out of the question, unless I am in a city where there is ocean, but I usually don’t travel to places where I could surf.

Working out is equally as hard as surfing depending on the hotel accommodations. Most of the hotels I stay in don’t have a gym, not to mention it’s hard enough to sleep during business travel.

So, I was wondering followers, how do you keep your workout routines/yoga routine while traveling? I would love to know!


Scrappy Yogi

4 thoughts on “Work Travel Woes”

  1. At work, I used go for a lunchtime walk for my exercise and breathing room. If there was bad weather, I’d go to the local gym’s treadmill.
    Some days, it might be a walk to McD’s at least, just to get outside 😂😝

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  2. I walk every day at work. Or, most days. Freezing rain and ice storms are my exception, but I still walk in the snow.

    I used to travel A LOT for work. Most places did have a gym, but I would also do stuff like squats, push-ups, overhead presses, etc. I could do those in my room if I didn’t want to risk running into a co-worker at the tiny gym.

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