Hawaii Prep

We’re going to Hawaii! I’m celebrating a milestone birthday, so what better place to celebrate than Hawaii. So excited to surf, hike and snorkel. I’m probably most excited for the surf to be honest.

To get myself ready for those Hawaiian waves, I have been surfing as much as possible. I have also stepped up my cardio and yoga for strengthening.

Readers, do you exercise prior to get ready for vacations? 


Scrappy Surfing Yogi

4 thoughts on “Hawaii Prep”

  1. Not just no, but HELL no!
    When I used to prone paddleboard race, I had a 22 mile race in October of one season I was prepping for. All Summer, I entered a few shorter races (3-8 miles), and I would log about 10 miles average paddling per week, plus a few surf sessions each week.
    About two weeks before the race, I began paddling ONLY calmer water (Lagoon side) only 3 times the first week, then nothing the last week before the race.
    I wasn’t a couch potato the week before the race, but I did give my shoulders the chance to recover and heal before tearing them up over a long race.
    I would watch a LOT of surf movies featuring Hawaii 🤔

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