Saturday Yoga

I’m getting ready for a pretty big surf session tomorrow, so I felt that today yoga would be a great way to relax and stretch out my aching muscles

Since I have been setting up more home practice than anything, I decided to dedicate a place in my living room for my mat. I thought this would be a nice place, especially with the sunlight.

Btw, I know my yoga mat is completely worn out, but I love it so much I really can’t part with it.

Today, I focused on more of a “warm vinyaas flow” to keep the heart rate up and stretch out my leg muscles. Today consisted of a lot of chaturangas, planks, and half moon poses. I also did some pop ups just to keep it fresh.

Happy Saturday!


Scrappy Surfing Yogi

8 thoughts on “Saturday Yoga”

  1. I struggle with half moon still! It popped up in the practice I was doing yesterday, and I nearly fell over. Haha.

    I like your mat. I bought a cheap one from Target and it’s already falling apart.

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    1. Half moon by a wall maybe? I do this sometimes just because it feels good to have support. My yoga mat is a Jade Yoga mat, little more pricey but it’s lasted a couple of years


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