Getting competition ready

So, as some of you might know, I’m competing in Women on Waves in October here in Santa Cruz.

To get ready for it, I have taken a surf coach, and let me tell you what a difference a coach makes!

I’m actually not a proponent for surf lessons all the time…most of the time you just need to practice and you can learn surfing on your own. BUT, for this occasion I wanted some help.

I have to say it’s super humbling to be taught basics and fundamentals again. OH, and big surfing change is that I’m a goofy footed surfer…so I gotta get used to that.

After my first week of training, I was so tired and had bruises in places I

didnt know you could bruise! But becoming stronger everyday.

This week starts my second week of training with a coach…let’s see how it goes…

When you step on a piece of glass…

Last week started like any other especially because I’m training for Women on Waves.

I got up early for my Monday morning paddle session with low expectations since no waves out there.

I caught a couple of fun little waves but mostly paddled to build up strength. When it was time to go in, I headed for the very high stairs.

I stopped at the seaweed bottom landing to tie up my leash and felt something sharp on the bottom of my foot. Stepping again, thinking it’s just a rock or shell, I tried to move the rock or shell off. When I stepped again, the feeling was sharp.

I immediately looked at the bottom of my foot and to my surprise it was a piece of glass! At the bottom of a long staircase on the beach!

My reaction was to remove the glass (obviously) but then my foot started to bleed. So, I bled up the stairs to my car and drove to work to take a better look.

At work, I could see that it was punctured, so unfortunately that means trip to the ER to get it cleaned thoroughly because the water is filled with bacteria.

Everything is fine with my foot, but most disturbing is that the glass was basically in the ocean.

How hard is it to keep a beach clean?