Getting competition ready

So, as some of you might know, I’m competing in Women on Waves in October here in Santa Cruz.

To get ready for it, I have taken a surf coach, and let me tell you what a difference a coach makes!

I’m actually not a proponent for surf lessons all the time…most of the time you just need to practice and you can learn surfing on your own. BUT, for this occasion I wanted some help.

I have to say it’s super humbling to be taught basics and fundamentals again. OH, and big surfing change is that I’m a goofy footed surfer…so I gotta get used to that.

After my first week of training, I was so tired and had bruises in places I

didnt know you could bruise! But becoming stronger everyday.

This week starts my second week of training with a coach…let’s see how it goes…

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