Studying Yoga and Working Full Time: The Scrappy Edition Part 2

Recently, just like practicing yoga, I made the commitment to also study yoga. I started by investing in some materials to read in order to further my practice. I felt like it was time for me to understand the history of Yoga, and not just try to master the poses. Here are the books I’m reading currently:

Working full time doesn’t always leave room for studying, which is different for me. All through my school years, even college and Master’s Degree, I could always study and work in tandem. It was sort of my identity. I was the student that could do it all. I didn’t understand students that would struggle. I always had a set time schedule for homework and work, or even when I was little, my activities. And, here’s the kicker, I always had things done before 8pm at night, so I could watch T.V.

Now, having not attended school in a few years, I’m finding out that my rhythm is off. It’s almost like I forgot how to study, and just like anything, I’m out of practice. I guess most people would say that I hit real adulthood. My priorities have shifted, so I continuously need to make time for what I want to accomplish in life.

I have set some guidelines for myself to help me study. Here are my guidelines below:

  • Read at least a chapter each night of each book
  • Interact with the content by either trying poses or meditation
  • Underline key facts in the content

The way that I have made this “scrappy” to fit my lifestyle is to read at awkward times. Sometimes, I read early in the morning before work, or maybe in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. I try to fit it all in. It’s not easy, just like making a commitment to practice yoga.

Readers, would love to know your tips and tricks to accomplishing your personal goals.


Scrappy Yogi

Practicing Yoga and Working Full Time: The Scrappy Edition Part 1

How are you able practice yoga at least five times a week? These are the questions I receive from friends and co-workers all the time. Work weeks and practicing yoga is always a balancing act. Something is always coming up at work which effects when I can practice yoga. Luckily, there are always enough classes at my studio to compensate, but being a very regimented person, I don’t like to change my schedule. When I made the commitment a year ago to really dive into my practice, I knew it was going to be tough and I was going to have to get “scrappy.”

Here is my ideal schedule of yoga practice below:


Monday: Early morning yoga

Tuesday: Lunchtime yoga

Wednesday: Lunchtime yoga

Thursday: Early morning yoga

Friday: Early morning yoga

Saturday: Morning yoga

Sunday: Rest

Seems like a pretty easy schedule to achieve right? Yeah, not so much. Here is an example of the internal conversation I have with myself every week on Monday morning looking at my work calendar.

     “Let’s see what my week looks like this morning. Oh, well on Wednesday, I have a 12:30 pm lunch meeting, so Wednesday yoga will have to be pushed to nighttime yoga. Oh wait, can I practice at night and then get up Thursday morning and practice again? I might be too sore. If I do that, then I need to practice at lunchtime on Thursday, and I can’t do that since I have a meeting that ends a noon. Well, if the meeting ends 10 minutes early, then I have a chance of making class on time. Maybe Wednesday becomes my rest day and pick up a class on Sunday? No, not this weekend, I have an Oakland A’s baseball game to go to.”

The way I made it “scrappy” is by making the determination to practice yoga however I can. I accepted the fact that I will have changes in my yoga schedule and to always be ready for yoga class. I always have my yoga bag, clothes and essential products in the back of my car ready to go if my work week schedules changed rapidly. I’m always prepared.

Readers, how do you get “scrappy” and attend all your workouts?


Scrappy Yogi

The Creation of Scrappy Yoga and the Scrappy Yogi

I am the Scrappy Yogi, but I have had many other “Scrappy” forms before. Let me explain. A long, long time ago ( about 20 years ) with the creation of the Internet came the invention of the screen name or SN. You wanted your SN to be personal, clever and different from the other people on the Internet. When I was my creating my SN, I was into scrapbooking. So, I took “scrappy” and my initials “H.A.”, and I  combined the two parts to make ScrappyHA. It was personal, clever, and different just like I wanted. I used my name for everything: Neopets, AIM, and e-mail. It was my SN and it stuck.

In the years after the creation of my SN, I wasn’t prepared for the amount of questions a simple screen name would create. For example, the number one comment I always received was that I must be a “Scrappy-Doo” fan. Sure, I was obsessed with Scooby-Doo as a kid, but my name had nothing to do with that. Another common misconception of “ScrappyHA” was its pronunciation. Regular Internet folk pronounced it “ScrappyHA”, when in actuality it was supposed to be “ScrappyH.A.”. I didn’t add the periods in my SN (not even sure you could back then). I found myself angry when other people didn’t understand the relevance of my name, but then again who would? I was always careful not giving out my birth name, so who would even know what “HA” stood for.

Fast forward to through the invention of Google, professional emails and SNs, and ScrappyHA was still owned by me, but never used. It’s not exactly the most professional name for a potential employer, but I still thought of my SN from time to time. And yes, I had changed to. I am now a working professional and a practicing yogi, who still is trying to figure out that balanced life thing. But ScrappyHA was and is still part of my identity.

When I was figuring out what I wanted to call this blog, I was playfully brainstorming ideas with my fiance. We will call him “S”. We were going back and forth with random names, until S. said, ” What about Scrappy Yoga?”. I paused for a second. I had never thought to mold my ScrappyHA identity into something else entirely. I rushed onto Google and typed in “scrapppy” into the engine. This is what come up: adjective – determined, argumentative, pugnacious. I thought to myself, I’n not argumentative or pugnacious, but I am definitely determined. I have been practicing yoga for ten years and been trying to balance life, well, for most of my life. So that was that, this blog became Scrappy Yoga.I will share with you stories of my unwavering spirit, and well, some yoga pictures. My new SN is now: Scrappy Yogi.


Scrappy Yogi